13 febrero, 2018


Provide comprehensive mental health services in the areas of drug addiction, alcoholism, domestic violence, terminally ll patients, autism, post partum depression, support groups, and crime survivors through therapeutic processes, prevention, intervention, education, support groups and treatment to individuals and families in South Florida.


We seek our beneficiaries have access to the conditions of a dignified life, through a model of comprehensive, humanized and safe care together with the action of a professional and committed team, which promotes its harmonious development and its social inclusion through an intervention effective that leads to the resolution of all types of conflicts.


Expand, with a high level of social awareness the quantity and quality of the services provided by the development of internal capacity to better serve the beneficiaries, through the promotion of initiatives with real solutions and development of support groups for teenagers. with drugs or alcohol and / or sexual identity, as a parenting component.




We are a non profit  organization that fights for the improvement of the quality of life of teenagers who are beginning to acquire addictions and dysfunctional families, with continuous support, guidance and comprehensive training for them and their families who are fundamental pillars for progress and a happy life.


We consolidate as the main center for counseling , prevention and family formation of teenagers, adults with addictions , and domestic violence. Where we can harness needs to appropriate solutions, help recover integrated sociocultural internal schemes and family guy century, promoting an inclusive society with opportunities for all .


Along these lines , designing various research programs for parents and the community at large in order to prevent, guide and help adolescents with addictions , domestic violence, dysfunctional families and how to detect the problem and its symptoms.



The activities and group therapy are base don the following objectives:

To breakdown fear of internal reflection when domestic violence and /or substance abuse are the conflicts addressed. Second, to share in safety their ideas and conflicts with the rest of the group and obtain support, understanding and feedback. Third, follow their own development and of their group participants. Fourth, identify the personal change Process and of their support participants. Fifth, demonstrate respect and confidentiality. The key being internal reflection for personal and family growth.


When the individuals have been victims of domestic violence, patients end up being able to exit the control Wheel, to overcome codependence, understanding dynamics of healthy relationships and able to self-sustain physically, emotionally and financially.

Those abusing substance will be able to identify the risk of relapse, to establish limits, to focus on self and stop control, sense of victimization and fault projection. They will recognize right to happiness being free to addictions and to manage emotions.

Will recover self-confidence, self-concept, self-esteem and self-value.


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